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  • LMMS Custom Synth Presets

    Have you ever wondered how to create your own synthesizer presets in LMMS? It is really quite easy, although it can be a challenge to make good, usable sounds. The nice thing about LMMS is that there is a ton of presets to choose from, and sometimes just altering one dial can change the entire feel.

    To save a preset, just press the save button on the synthesizer and the preset will show up in your My Presets tab.

    I have spent some time experimenting with different sounds on LMMS and it was really fun to see how all the synthesizers sounded. For example, the FreeBoy synth that comes with LMMS, often creates sounds that you would hear in a GameBoy game. I created this wipe out static sound that I have used in a couple songs now. If you want to try using it, just extract it into your presets folder for LMMS.

    I created a couple decent sounding LMMS presets, but couldn’t figure out how to use them. A few trial projects later and I ended up tweaking a few presets to blend better with the others. I used a bunch of them in my new song, Into Orbit, and I am really happy with the result. Here is the preset I used in the arpeggio and it sounds great!

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I love music and have started to play around with free music related software, from fully functional DAWs, to synthesizers, to plugins, and even smaller applications like tuners.

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I have been interested in audio and how it forms music for a long time. Recently, I have started to actually make my own music. Through this process, I have learned first hand that it really takes dedication and time to produce music that sounds good. Here I am going to share some of my creations.

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I have many other hobbies and until I spend more time on them this is where they will reside.

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Effect Reviews

After playing around with guitar pedals, amplifier effects, VST plugins, LADSPA plugins, and all different kinds of audio effects, I decided to compile a list of effects. Some are basic effects that are used everywhere, some aren’t, and others are just used in unique ways. This is my ever growing audio effect review.

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For the past few years I was part of a high school robotics team. I am no longer on the team, but all of my posts are original and are my own work. This website being my blog, I will continue to keep old posts up, just not on my homepage.

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