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  • Taking Apart A Freewheel

    My bike recently started to develop a wobble on the back wheel. I realised that it was due to the bearings failing, so I decided to take it apart and try to fix it. I found another rear wheel that had been bent, so I had some spare parts to use.

    Once I pulled the gears off, there was this piece with bearings on it. I counted and there were 88 bearings in total. There are 9 bearings on each side of the axle. There are then 39 bearings around this piece in the picture, and then 31 that go on the gear piece.

    The hardest part was making sure that there was the proper amount of bearings in each part. Once I got it all back together, it worked great, and it no longer had the wobble because I replaced the broken part.

  • Using A DC Power Supply

    I recently fixed up a portable Pulser cassette player and quickly had to deal with it’s power supply. It takes C batteries, or I could use it’s built in AC inverter. I decided to wire in a 6V DC power supply and it works great.

    Since it takes 4 C batteries I got a 6V power supply. I measured the voltage from the supply and found it was outputting 7 something volts! I found out that when “cheap” power supplies are not under load, they can have a higher than expected voltage. I was a bit nervous the first time I plugged it in, but it worked great. It is much better than the alternatives and I have enjoyed the experience.

  • Pulser Cassette Recorder

    I recently came across this cassette recorder with wires sticking out the side. I thought it was probably broken, but brought it home to look at. I opened it up and found a hack job with the wiring. Wires had been spliced into the original and covered loosely with tape.

    After fixing the mess of wires, I tested it out by battery. It worked but the audio cut in and out when at full volume. I found out that one of the wires was getting pinched and after fixing that it plays great. I would like to get a 6V DC power supply instead of burning C batteries, but I have really enjoyed getting this vintage cassette recorder working.


Audio Posts

I love music and have started to play around with free music related software, from fully functional DAWs, to synthesizers, to plugins, and even smaller applications like tuners.

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My Music

I have been interested in audio and how it forms music for a long time. Recently, I have started to actually make my own music. Through this process, I have learned first hand that it really takes dedication and time to produce music that sounds good. Here I am going to share some of my creations.

My Top Albums

Arcturus Waves Neon Mist

Other Posts

I have many other hobbies and until I spend more time on them this is where they will reside.

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Robotics Posts

In high school, I was part of a FRC robotics team. I am no longer on the team, but all of my posts are original and are my own work. This website being my blog, I will continue to keep old posts up, just not on my homepage.

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Waves is a synth-house genre album.

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