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  • Smith Corona Typewriter

    I have often eyed typewriters at garage sales and thought it would be fun to try one out. Often the thing that held me back was not knowing if it would work and the price. I recently stumbled on a Smith Corona XE 5200 typewriter being sold for $2. After seeing that it worked, I decided to take the plunge.

    This was no ordinary manual typewriter. It came out when computers were starting to take hold of the word processing world. It has a 5000 word memory bank and a built in dictionary. I had fun running it through the demo and this is what it typed out.

    While I appreciate the versatility of a typewriter (for example I addressed a few envelopes with it), I don’t think that it will be replacing my computer. However, it has been really fun learning how to use it and there are still many more functions listed in the manual that I could still make use of.

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I love music and have started to play around with free music related software, from fully functional DAWs, to synthesizers, to plugins, and even smaller applications like tuners.

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My Music

I have been interested in audio and how it forms music for a long time. Recently, I have started to actually make my own music. Through this process, I have learned first hand that it really takes dedication and time to produce music that sounds good. Here I am going to share some of my creations.

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I have many other hobbies and until I spend more time on them this is where they will reside.

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Effect Reviews

After playing around with guitar pedals, amplifier effects, VST plugins, LADSPA plugins, and all different kinds of audio effects, I decided to compile a list of effects. Some are basic effects that are used everywhere, some aren’t, and others are just used in unique ways. This is my ever growing audio effect review.

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For the past few years I was part of a high school robotics team. I am no longer on the team, but all of my posts are original and are my own work. This website being my blog, I will continue to keep old posts up, just not on my homepage.

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