Using A Security Key For Gmail

I recently got a HYPER FIDO Pro Security Key and I decided to use it for 2-step verification on my Gmail account.

On your Google account, under the security section it gives you the options for 2-step verification.

There are multiple 2-step verification options. You could use a text, or a phone call, but to use a security key, click on “Show more options”. It will ask you to plug in your security key and press it’s button.

When it has recognised the key, it should look like this. Now whenever you login to your Google account for the first time on a computer, it will ask for the security key to be plugged in. Using a security key is fun because it is like a key to a lock, only it is the key to an application.

DSI Fuse Replacement

So, I blew the fuse out on my DSI while testing. The screen didn’t turn on and the yellow charging light would flash. I found replacement fuses and ordered them. I found where a fuse was and had soldered a wire on so I could bypass it. Of course that wasn’t a permanent fix, and there was still some weird behaviour. Here is a picture of two fuses next to a penny.

It turned out that the fuse was even smaller than the buttons that I had soldered on, and it quite the pain getting one on there. I thought that there was only one fuse, and after replacing the one shown here, the screen worked, but it wouldn’t charge. I could charge it with the DSI on, but as soon as I turned it off, the charging light would flick off…

This is where the second fuse is. It is very close to other components, so it took a bit longer to get it on there safely. After soldering it on, and putting the battery in the right way, the DSI works just like new!

Ford Focus Door Handle

Our drivers door on our 2007 Ford Focus broke and we were forced to open the vehicle from the trunk or use the key-less remote. After disassembling the door, this is the piece that I found was broken.

The bottom piece is the new part and you can see the little metal tab sticking out on the right that is not on the top part. It was quite the hassle to get the part into the door since there is limited room. Now the door works just as new and I am pleased with the part.

DSI Shoulder Buttons Finally Fixed

You may remember a previous post where I started a project to fix my DSI shoulder buttons. I took it apart and the old buttons off pretty quick. The buttons finally came in the mail and I was all too eager to get them installed. Just for reference, here is a picture of the buttons next to a quarter.

Yeah… They are pretty tiny. I was able to enlist the help of my mother to hold things for me and after a hour or so of dedicated work, I had the new buttons on. I tested them and they felt more “clicky” than the old ones. It could be that they were new or that they are just a slightly different kind of button.

The only problem was that my soldering gun had a massive end and my solder points were poorly soldered. I ended up taking it apart and re-soldering it many times. I got tired of putting the whole back cover back on every time and tried to cut some corners by plugging the cable in and pushing the battery into the metal tabs for testing.

That turned out to be a very bad mistake that I only realised later. One time while testing, I accidentally pushed the battery terminals on backwards and the screen wouldn’t turn on anymore! I was able to bypass the fuse and finish fixing the buttons, but now I had this fuse blown out. I will cover that in a following post. Needless to say, the back cover only allows you to put the battery in one way, and you shouldn’t test it without snapping the back cover on before putting the battery in.

Ford Focus High-pressure Power Steering Line

Our 2007 Ford Focus started having a power steering oil leak a few years back and we would top it off when the pump started making excessive noise. After sitting through a winter, the line burst when we started it back up. I got around to replacing it, and it took more work than I thought it would have. I took the line off of the pump and fished it down under the car.

The line fed back up under the air intake and battery housing. I had to remove those before removing it from the steering shaft.

It took a bit of work to get it all back together and fish it around all of the other cables and hoses but it worked! It did make some strange gurgling when the car was first running and I figure that is from air being in the line. After a few minutes of running, the sounds went away and it sounds fine now.