Peavy Vypyr Edit

I have owned a Peavy Vypyr III for a couple of years now, and have found it to be a great modeling amp. It came with a CD including a manual and some software to download, but to my immediate dismay, it wouldn’t work with Linux!

Peavy Vypyr III

The software I am referring to is the Peavy Vypyr Edit software. Going to their website reveals no options for running it on Linux.

Of course I could use the amp as an interface in my DAW, but the ability to change what amp it was modeling or any of the settings was exclusive to manually changing it!!! I have read of people selling their amp because they run Linux. You don’t have to choose between your OS and amp!

I have been increasingly impressed by WINE’s ability to open Windows applications and just work. I did have to mess around with what order I turned the amp on and when I opened the software, but apparently that isn’t specific to running it on Linux. Here is what it looks like in Linux!

Peavy Vypyr Edit

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