Making Progress

The robot is starting to take shape. A large portion of the upper half of the robot is still made out of wood for prototyping purposes, but we plan to be driving the robot within the next week or so.

Ball Loading System

The robot is more complex than last years’ because we went for a robot that can fit under the trench which is 3 ft. ½ in. (~93 cm) tall according to the game manual. The robot is more compact but we are still going to be able to climb mostly due to our implementation of CAD which has greatly increased the precision and functionality of our robot.

The programming has also been going well, in theory. We have almost finished all of the cool features that we are putting in our robot this year (such as limelight auto targeting).

Climbing Mechanism Drawings

The reason that I said “in theory”, is because we haven’t actually tested the code yet because the electrical hasn’t been wired up yet. Next year we will probably make that a higher priority, but for now we will just have to wait and see (although if anything breaks it shouldn’t be too hard to fix).

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