DSI Fuse Replacement

So, I blew the fuse out on my DSI while testing. The screen didn’t turn on and the yellow charging light would flash. I found replacement fuses and ordered them. I found where a fuse was and had soldered a wire on so I could bypass it. Of course that wasn’t a permanent fix, and there was still some weird behaviour. Here is a picture of two fuses next to a penny.

It turned out that the fuse was even smaller than the buttons that I had soldered on, and it quite the pain getting one on there. I thought that there was only one fuse, and after replacing the one shown here, the screen worked, but it wouldn’t charge. I could charge it with the DSI on, but as soon as I turned it off, the charging light would flick off…

This is where the second fuse is. It is very close to other components, so it took a bit longer to get it on there safely. After soldering it on, and putting the battery in the right way, the DSI works just like new!

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