An Ocarina?

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite video games, or video game series rather, is The Legend of Zelda. There are different instruments that the main character in the game carries, especially in Links Awakening where there are multiple. To me though, the most prominent is his Ocarina. I mean, there’s a whole game called The Ocarina of Time.

Twelve Hole Ocarina GIF

Here is what the fingering chart on the back of the box looks like. The whole box had nice Zelda artwork on it.

Twelve Hole Ocarina Fingerings

Other than my attachment to it because of Zelda, it is really quite comparable to a flute or recorder, but it has a different tonal quality. It doesn’t posses that voice crack sound of the recorder, and doesn’t have the breathy, wind sound of the flute. It really is a unique instrument to be reckoned with.

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