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Lawn Patrol

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Don’t have time for lawn maintenance?

The Lawn Patrol team has 4+ years of experience providing services to many satisfied clients. Snow removal and lawn mowing can be a yearly ordeal, but with good local services the job is as good as done.

Get professional work done by Lawn Patrol

We, the Lawn Patrol team, administer yard maintenance services throughout the year. During the summer months from mid May to September we trim grass, from September till it snows we rake leaves, and during the cold winter we remove snow. The Lawn Patrol team can administer all of the following services:



Snow Removal

Why Lawn Patrol?

Fair Price

We communicate with our customers to decide on a fair price for our services leaving everyone happy.

Quality Work

The Lawn Patrol team takes the time to do the job right, making your yard look better.

Proper Tools?

The Lawn Patrol team is equipped with a variety of equipment, allowing for many services to be provided. We have the following tools and more at our disposal to make your lawn better:

  • A riding mower to get those large areas of grass
  • Push mowers for getting those hard to reach areas
  • String trimmers for edging and touch-ups
  • Leaf rakes and brooms to clean up debris
  • Snow shovels for clearing sidewalks

Contact Information

For more information or inquiries for services

Email us at:

Text or call: 1-517-618-1618