Panthers Infinity Robotics – Team 4595

In early October of 2012 the idea for a high school robotics team was conceived by a handful of enthusiastic grade 12 physics students and their teacher. To investigate this option further, they attended the robotics open house hosted by WEtech Alliance at the main branch of Windsor Public Library.  Motivated by all they had seen and heard, they decided that building a team would be a beneficial project to pursue. They registered the team with FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and Infinity Robotics was born that day.

FIRST is an organization founded by Dean Kamen in 1989 designed to instill a passion in youth to explore the possibilities of science and technology; not simply in theory, but with a large emphasis on hands-on learning. This program brings together the application of math, science, engineering, computer programming and innovation along with teamwork, strategy, and competition to give students the opportunity to grow in multiple facets.  To participate, our team must produce a fully-functioning robot in 6 ½ weeks which can complete certain tasks outlined by FIRST with ease and efficiency.  We accomplish this with help from our mentors and partners, some who provide knowledge, some who provide funds for parts and expenses and others who machine parts that we have designed.  We have a small tech area with limited shop facilities so we are always looking for creative solutions as well as helpful suppliers.

This is our eighth year of participating in the world-wide FIRST Robotics Competition. Every year we continue learning and growing as a team, creating a more complex and efficient robot and achieving greater results. This year we are registered for competitions in Windsor and London where we have high expectations of ourselves and our robot. We are very excited to see what this season brings, ultimately, our goal is to reach the World Championships in Detroit, Michigan.

In 2017 we won Windsor Essex Great Lakes regional!

We are always looking forward to working with new sponsors. We are really excited for this year’s game with a team bigger than ever before we are ready to take our game to the next level. Here’s to another great year of robotics!!